Bayou City Paranormal 


  • How do I know if my house is haunted?

It's not always easy to know if a house is haunted. Some people decide that for themselves, especially if they're unafraid or simply because they enjoy the idea of being in a haunted house. What we can say is that if something is going on that makes you or someone in your household uncomfortable or fearful, contact us and let us know. We want to help because nobody should feel uncomfortable in their home.

  • What do you charge for an investigation?

We do not charge fees for our services and we do not accept donations or gratuities.

  • What does an investigation involve?

An intake interview to discuss the experiences and gather background information is scheduled. If an investigation is warranted, it will be scheduled for a weekend night and historical research of the property will be initiated. Acknowledgment forms will be discussed and signed beforehand as well.
The investigation, which can last from 4 to 8 hours, commences with the establishment of "command central" from which equipment will be monitored and the investigation directed. Cameras and other equipment will be set-up at strategic locations based on information gathered from the intake interview.
During the investigation, we will search for physical conditions to debunk paranormal activity while engaging in techniques to establish paranormal activity. It sounds paradoxical but it makes for a thorough investigation.
The investigation concludes after all avenues have been explored satisfactorily, at which point the dismantling of equipment begins.

  • How does the client prepare their property for an investigation?

It's very simple. We only require clear pathways so we can get around safely and easily and leave everything as normal as possible. Other than that, we would appreciate ample parking on the driveway for an RV we sometimes use as a mobile central command station. We might also request permission to access environmental controls to enhance the investigation.

  • What happens after the investigation?

We begin the analysis stage where we play back all audio and video recordings and analyze anything anomalous that comes up in them, study and interpret data collected from the readout instruments that were used and analyze all aspects of the investigation to determine an outcome. When a determination is made, we'll schedule a "reveal" where we'll present our findings along with any significant evidence captured. At that point, we may elect to revisit the Confidentiality Agreement to determine together what we may post on our website and share with the paranormal community at large. In all instances, the client's identities and the location of their property remain absolutely confidential.

  • Can you guarantee your findings?

We strive to conduct as honest and thorough an investigation as possible. Sometimes evidence results to support a haunting. Other times the investigation produces rational explanations that suggest there is no haunting. And unfortunately, sometimes an investigation may be deemed "inconclusive". In such instances, we may suggest a subsequent investigation. Because of the nature of the paranormal field, we cannot offer a guarantee of success or failure.

  • What if I do have a haunting but I want "it" gone?

We have worked cases in which the client requests that we try to remove any ghosts or entities we might encounter. When we have attempted a clearing, we have employed a variety of methods and have been successful, however, not always on the first try. We will discuss options and procedures with the client when the determination is made that there is a haunting.