is a native Houstonian, born in Jeff Davis Hospital on Allen Parkway and raise just a few homes east of the famous Glenwood cemetery.  Back in those days it was kept open day in and out and my Dad and I would go muscatine grape picking.  Occasionally, I'd get to play in the cemetery, the large  oak trees made it a very nice place to be out of the hot summer sun.    
  Around 2006  I set out to record my sister's conversations with her “spirits”.   After successfully accomplishing this, I did some research and found lots of people that participate in proving or disproving the paranormal.  
     I am fairly sure my 1st personnel paranormal experience occurred at a friend’s house in Dec. 2009; at least one that I recognized at the time of occurrence.  I had one experience last year but didn’t know it had happened until I reviewed an investigation video.  Every now and then I catch something and I am sure its paranormal but don’t have the evidence to prove it was nothing more then a personal experience.
    I also like electronic and technical gadgets and toys, like to figure out how to make “e-things” work for our group.  I am always experimenting with different gadgets; some do good and some don’t.   Here again, I have learned to work with gadgets, videos, EVPs, EMFs, etc that I would not have considered possible a few years ago.  
   There’s almost nothing that sends more excitement through me then seeing or capturing evidence on a device that I was using during an investigation.  I never dreamed in younger years that I would proactively be a spirit seeker much less enjoy it as much as I do with a group of people who share the same feelings.   


TEAM Members

   Bayou City Paranormal 


When Jennie joined Bayou City Paranormal, brought  a fresh perspective to our team.  Her sensitivities to the un-explainable are completely different from the other members and she has learned how to interpret them as well as the ins and outs of ghost investigations.

Kelly is a native of Houston, TX, growing up in the Bellaire area.  As a child, I had many experiences with “visitors” checking in and out.  I didn’t talk about it much as a child, because somehow I knew that others wouldn’t understand me; even my parents would  look at me very quizzically when I would speak about these “odd” happening since I would used words that were “old fashioned” or “way outside of my young vocabulary”.  As a teen, I had a busy life and often ignored sightings and wanted to conform and not be considered “different”. by my friends...the same feelings most young teens have, I guess.  But, as I grew to be an adult I could no longer ignore because it became more interesting and I wanted to know more, learn more.  I consider myself to be a “sensitive”, my gift lets me feel and sometimes hear when spiritual entities are around.   Not too much can frighten me, maybe the occasional movement of objects; this just gives me the heebie-jeebies!  LOL! 
I have so many stories to share of my experiences and maybe one day I can share them with my team and with others. 
I am brand new to the Bayou City Paranormal Team and this is so exciting; I get to work with and assist this team assist you!  I hope to help folks who are having paranormal issues and to help them understand not to fear but, how to cope.  God Bless you all!




      Kim , a Pasadena TX. native is a loving mom of two beautiful juvenile  in-training paranormal investigators as well as a full time Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner.  Her strong interest in the paranormal  began at a very young age.   Being an avid fan 
of Stephen King has probably contributed to  this fascination especially when she read Pet Sematary at 12 years old.   Kim also enjoys rockhounding, anything Sci-Fi , and photography - especially in cemeteries.